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Beverly Hills School Board Sets the Record Straight


School Board Rails Against Subway Criticism


We are writing in response to the ill-informed commentary by Joel Epstein (“School District Digs Hole on Subway,” Sept. 15) regarding the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s proposed subway alignment beneath Beverly Hills High School. As members of the Beverly Hills Board of Education, we have a fiduciary and moral obligation to safeguard and protect our children and only public high school.

We could not agree more with Epstein that this is no way to build a railroad. We too question the MTA’s decision to unnecessarily commit more than$200 million in transit funds to construct a detour under the high school–a route that will benefit a private developer’s vanity subway station in Century City. Read more

BHUSD Report Details MTA Errors

“Gath/Buresh Report: What Went So Wrong?” is a comprehensive and critical analysis of the severely flawed seismic assessment undertaken in 2011 by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) which claimed to identify a dozen active faults threatening the Century City and Western Beverly Hills areas of Los Angeles County. The 2011 report was prompted  by MTA’s desire to move one of its proposed stations for the subway extension project from its planned Santa Monica Boulevard site to a privately owned property located at Constellation Boulevard in Century City.  The 2011 MTA Report cast a shadow of active faults across many campuses within the Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD).

BHUSD Gathered Extensive Data by Trenching at BHHS

BHUSD Gathered Extensive Data by Trenching at BHHS

The Gath/Buresh Report was prepared at the direction of the BHUSD as part of ongoing site specific seismic investigations at Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) and El Rodeo(K-8) School and as part of the overall assessment of seismic risk across the entire District and the Westside Community. This Report debunks the unsupported conclusions of the MTA 2011 report.

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