PrimeSource Project Management was borne out of a desire and unique ability to help people with difficult project delivery challenges. The PrimeSource team has the unique experience to see the issues clearly, confront the hard decisions and come up with innovative or non-traditional solutions. We challenge the self-imposed constraints that too often lock project teams into failure.

Tim and Karen offer many decades of experience with complicated, difficult and controversial programs – and clients. Our expertise and skills come from working in every step of the project delivery process from inception through handoff and operations, and working in every role as owner, consultant, designer, construction manager, and contractor. Our track record is one of successfully finding a way through the inevitable unique challenges that arise, and doing it under pressure and in the public eye.

Let the problem solvers at PrimeSource Project Management reduce the risk and help make your project a success!

Planning and delivering large complex controversial projects
“PrimeSource Project Management is one of the finest consulting and litigation support firms in the field of large scale public works projects. I have found PrimeSource to be one of the most prepared, skilled and knowledgeable consulting firms in this complex field. PrimeSource demonstrates a depth of understanding in engineering, law and the subtle elements of litigation and negotiations. Their responsiveness, level of expertise and effectiveness are unsurpassed.”

- Douglas Evertz, Partner at MURPHY & EVERTZ